Database Manager

Extension for WP File Manager

Database Manager Features

Database Manager provides you ability to add, edit, delete, drop, copy records and tables in WordPress database.

Insert New Records in Tables

Update Records in Tables

Delete Records in Tables

Add New Tables

Delete Tables

Extension for WP File Manager

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How Database Manager Looks Like

Database manager helps you to manage database tables and data in WordPress Database

Database Manager Dashboard

Database Manager dashboard view. You can view list of all tables present in database. You can create tables, browse and insert new records in exiting tables.

Browse Table

Admin can browse table data and edit and delete rows.

Edit record of a Table

Admin can edit table records data.

Add New Record

Admin can add new records in tables.

Add New Table and fields in it

Admin can add new table and fields in new table.

Delete Record By click cross icon

Admin can delete records in tables by just click on cross (X) icon.

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