Manage wordpress more easily

Access folders and files directly from WordPress Dashboard

File Manager plugin makes your life easier when managing files with WordPress. No FTP, no cPanel anymore. Feel at home with the fresh look and robust performance of file manager. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your wordpress dashboard ever again. You can also extend the functionality of file manager plugin with our premium extensions. Admin Notification on file download, upload and edit.

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Multiple Admins, Not a problem

Different Access to particular Files and Folders according to Different Roles and Users

The best plugin created till date to give user more control of folders and files according to the User Role. It provides more user stability with user friendly environment. You can easily create different rules according to different users and give access to each user differently. You can create even 1000 rules for 1000 different developers and give them access to particular part of the wordpress files. It has made the life much easier.

Define User Roles

Give different access

Even 1000's of Roles

Admin Notifications

Access files directly

Access according to role

100% security


Checkout all our features in Pro Version
DB Manager (Purchased as addon or separate package)

Features Pro
Accessibility to user roles  
File operations for user roles and for particular users  
Hide files and folders  
File upload size  
Code editor fullscreen view  
Themes available for code editor  
Accessibility to user roles and users to any folder  
Shortcode Available  
DB Manager  
Admin email notifications when any user upload files in file manager. NEW  
Admin email notifications when any user download files from file manager.NEW  
Admin email notifications when any user edit any files in file manager.NEW  

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